The Char Stasiuk Memorial Collection


Photo Courtesy Dale Barber Photography

Donations made in memory of Char allowed us to greatly expand our Large Print Collection, rejuvenate our Children's Non-Fiction area, and add some lovely materials relating to genealogy and automobile restoration and repair to our very popular Adult Non- Fiction Collection. Thank you to everyone that donated. If you would like to make a contribution towards the collection, please contact the Library Director.



Donations were made by the following members of

Bob Stasiuk's "Out to Lunch Bunch" (1980-1985):

Karen (Bradley) Dods
Jennifer (Tobi) Wadsworth
Mary (Bader) Casler
Lisa (McBride) Joachim
Leanne (Rucker) Raney
Denise (Park) Henderson
Julie (Ruggles) Campbell
Alicia (Lubnau) Brown
Heidi (Wayco) Berden
Tina (Mezo) Mills

Also donating:
Jodi (Rotger) Bly
Kris (Pardy) Armstrong
Mary (Rutkowski) Hayes