Community Room

 Download a printable version (PDF file) of the Community Room Use Policy from our Downloads page. Further information on the Community Room and reservations may be made with the Director during regular library hours.

Sandusky District Library Community Room Use Policy

1.     As a public service function of the Sandusky District Library, the Community Room shall be offered to public groups for use as a meeting facility.  Use of these facilities shall at all times be subject to the operating requirements of the library’s main purpose, and at no times shall use of the Community Room interfere with the orderly and efficient operation of the library. Seating capacity is limited to 35-40 people. 

2.     Educational, civic, cultural, and governmental groups may reserve the Community Room for use.  The fact that a group is permitted to meet in the Community Room does not in any way constitute an endorsement of the group’s policies or beliefs.  Library related activities shall have priority in scheduling use of this room.  Those groups using the room should park in the west and north library parking lots.

3.     The aforementioned categories of groups may use the Community Room once during a calendar year.  In the event of extenuating circumstances, multiple dates in a calendar year may be authorized with director approval.  First and foremost, the intent of the Community Room is for library programming and library related events.  Special community events are welcome but it is not meant to be used for regular organizational meetings.

4.     Individuals desiring use of the library’s facilities shall reserve such space at least two weeks before the meeting date.  The library shall be notified of any cancellation at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance of the meeting time. 

5.     The library will at no time provide personnel to assist in setting up of meeting exhibits, chairs or facilities.  The group using the facility must handle all set up and restoration of the room to its original state.  Clean up not done to the satisfaction of the Director will be billed to the group on current per hour rates.  Any damages to facility will be billed to the group.  Groups will confer with the Director about their needs in advance of the meeting.

6.     The use of alcoholic beverages, smoking or vaping is strictly forbidden in or on library property.  Violation of this rule will subject the group to immediate dismissal from the facility.

7.     Kitchenette facilities are available for use for the serving of light refreshments.  If the group using the Community Room wishes to serve refreshments, it shall furnish all necessary supplies for preparation and serving.

8.     Reservations may be made with the Director during regular library hours.  Final approval of use shall be reserved by the Director as the representative of the Library Board.

9.     The Library Staff shall have access to the room at all times since library materials may be stored within the Community Room.

10.  Use of the Community Room during non-library hours is at the discretion of the Director.  Those using this room must conclude all business and be ready to leave no later than 9:00 P.M.

11.  The decision of the Director, as a representative of the Library Board, shall be final in the interpretation of rules not specifically covered by these policies.

12.  Exterior signs, limited to the meeting announcement, are allowed upon approval of Director.  No decorations may be fastened to the walls or tables by tape, tacks, or any other method that may mar surfaces.

Approved by the Sandusky District Library Board 04/24/2017